Original Artists

At BlossomHive We Celebrate Artists

We hand select our artists and make their art available on a variety of high-quality, eco-friendly products. All produced with fair trade.

We found that artists were frustrated with all the online shops that only provide a platform for their art but they need to spend time promoting to make a sale. BlossomHive lets artists do what they do and we take care of the rest.

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Jannah Lyon

Nature is a gift to treasure. I use my art to honor it. I am obsessed with capturing the beauty in different ways.

I like the yoga mat. It's so zen.

Roxie Jones

I love finding the patterns in everyday and exotic locales that create a sense of place. I am so happy to share my work here.

My favorite product is: the cake stand because it is fun and versatile. Use if for cake or jewelry. Check out one of my favorite cake stands.

Deby Groover

I grew up in lush, crazy Savannah, Georgia. Being an artist centers me. I cannot imagine my life without it. I create art that doesn't take itself too seriously. I like to say I create beauty inspired by nature designed to bring JOY.  

See one of my designs on a quality leather purse.

Violetta Bottega

Buona giornata. Things to know about me and my art. I love yellow. The world is my inspiration. I look for subtle patterns and big impressions through my camera lens.

The "Venice at Night" cushion is my current favorite gift.

Foxglove + Fennel

My surface patterns designs are an eclectic collection of hardcore geometric repeats and abstract/whimsical florals.

The Floor Pillows are big this year. Choose one of my custom patterns to brighten your living space.

Ko5 Design

I am mesmerized by the designs that live all around me. Playful, orderly, rich with color. Thank you for enjoying my designs here.

I love the durable suitcases printed with art. They are so unique and fun! You'll never loose your suitcase in a crowd.

Patti Garcia

In these prints I have captured chaos. Sometimes our minds are full of chaos as our world is also. It’s okay to be here, it’s with chaos that we see beauty. Beauty in color, in pattern and in rhythm.

The hoodie printed with my "Circle Play" pattern is my favorite gift at the moment.

Sofia's Designs

I'm a nature photographer. I don't believe that I create art, it just finds me. And here's a surprise. I love green.

I adore the Leather Phone Case printed with my Alpine Lake Lily. It keeps my phone accessible when I'm loaded down with camera gear.